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We manufacture domestically and we import millions of yards of webbing. Much of the assembly work we do is made up of nylon webbing straps. Nylon webbing is used in the manufacture of medical, industrial, military, and safety products. Our customers manufacture seat belts for wheelchairs, orthopedic mobility devices, fall suppression devices, and tactical gear for police and Special Forces. Less critical uses include the manufacture of pet products, luggage, & equestrian gear.

  • Nylon Webbing from Tape to Heavy Duty Webbing
  • IR Compliant Webbing Including Cordura Nylon
  • Tensile Strength Specs Available on all Webbing


In addition to nylon webbing, we sell polypropylene webbing. This webbing is a cost effective alternative to nylon webbing employed appropriately. We frequently supply manufacturers of luggage, synthetic bags, tents, awnings, medical devices, canvas products, barriers, & agricultural products.

  • Cost Effective alternative to Nylon Webbing
  • Large Stock Position in Webbing


Polyester webbing is used in numerous applications where neither polypropylene nor nylon webbing straps are appropriate. Polyester webbing is resistant to UV and chemicals. Polyester straps made from textured or spun polyester are light, very sew able, and strong. Filament poly is used for restraints, solar panel webbing, and outdoor products. Textured poly tapes and webs are used in the construction of hospital wear, orthopedic supports and slings, hospital restraints, stay pockets on back support devices, and filters.

  • Silicone Gripper Straps and Webbing
  • Anti-Static Webbing
  • Water Repellant Webbing
  • Flame Retardant Webbing
  • Reflective Webbing
  • Polyester Webbing for printing


Our nylon webbing straps are complemented by cotton and other specialty fiber straps. Cotton is used primarily for its soft to the touch feel. Our customers use cotton to make hospital restraint systems, gait belts, & patient lift systems. Cotton webbing strapping will also be specified by the military for apparel and gear, weightlifting and other athletic applications, and all natural made products.