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We manufacture elastic cord and webbing that is sold to manufacturers of orthopedic devices. These devices include abdominal binders, back supports, knee and wrist wraps, ice packs, surgical masks, and others. Similar elastics are sold to manufacturers of workplace ergonomics devices for carpal tunnel, back supports, etc.

  • Latex Free Elastic & Webbing
  • Hook Compatible and Breathable Elastics
  • Stock Availability on Numerous Elastics both Knitted and Woven
  • Knitted and Woven Elastic- ¼” thru 12”

We manufacture elastic cord and webbing used in the construction of military, fire, and police tactical gear, eyewear, and uniforms. The same heavy duty elastics are used in chemical and flash safety suits that require support for the weight of the garment.

  • Flame Retardant Compliant Elastics
  • Infrared Compliance Webbing
  • Long Life Woven Elastic

We manufacture elastic cord and webbing for the construction of apparel. Hospital workwear, reflective uniforms, gas masks, highway vests, and team athletic uniforms. Most of the elastics are designed for function, comfort, and performance.

  • Moisture Wicking Elastic
  • Anti-static Webbing & Elastic
  • Anti-Microbial Elastic, Cord, & Webbing

We manufacture elastic cord and webbing for numerous unique applications. For example, equestrian girth belt and blanket elastic, automotive pocketing cords and trunk accessories, work duty suspender elastic, recreational vehicle cover cords, tarpaulin webbing, hot tub covers elastic, banner elastic cords, marine product elastic cords, athletic equipment webbing, scuba, and hospital shielding equipment elastic. Let us design an elastic for your unique application!