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Metal Hardware

We represent metal hardware manufacturers and we distribute a wide variety of metal hardware.

  • Metal Snap Hooks & Slides
  • Metal D Rings & O Rings
  • Metal Cam, Medical & Belt Buckles
  • Metal Carabiners & Ratchets
  • Metal Cargo Hardware

Our metal hardware manufacturers supply products using numerous base metals.

  • Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, and Copper

We carry an extensive stock of metal hardware in die cast, forged, and wire form. Our hardware passes quality and import certifications which are available on request, and our offerings are very cost effective. Our metal hardware stock is made up mostly of steel, zinc, and copper metals plated with nickel or black finishes. Certifications on many of our stock items include;

  • 3TG, Reach, ROHS, & Salt Spray on Stainless

Please check with our customer service representatives as to which item has which certifications.

Our metal hardware manufacturers produce stainless steel hardware on a made to order basis and custom plating options are also available on a made to order basis. These plating options include;

  • Brass, Antique Brass, matte black, shiny black, black enamel, & nickel