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Contract Manufacturing

RI Knitting Group does contract manufacturing of sewn products and assemblies in the USA. RI Knitting Group is also a sales organization for DirecSource, which performs contract manufacturing of a variety of products in China. We design products, design and engineer the packaging, maintain quality control of production with our team of QC experts, and expedite orders from our warehousing and fulfillment centers.

We contract manufacture a number of sewn and assembled products. These range from bags and strap assembly, to bungee cords and lanyards.

In addition to contract manufacturing from design to packaging, we contract with logistics companies daily, moving as many as 20 containers per month by ship, and air freight shipments as required. Our customers submit blanket orders for their product and we handle the logistics to our fulfillment centers. Our centers are located in Los Angeles, Alabama, Denver, and Rhode Island.

Once we have completed the contract manufacturing and logistics of moving product to our warehouses, we fulfill our customers’ orders through online EDI and EB systems. We now have over 20 years’ experience in this field. Let us help you with your Fulfillment needs!