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Hook & Loop

RI Knitting Group imports, stocks, and distributes hook and loop fasteners for orthopedic bracing and hospital disposables, wire management and cable ties, personal care products, and automotive noise reduction. Our hook and loop is engineered to meet shear and peel test requirements and cycle life of our most demanding customers. Our hook and loop fasteners are noted for;

  • High closure strength
  • Wash ability and dry-clean ability
  • Can be sterilized
  • Color-fastness
  • UV Resistance

We stock hook and loop fasteners primarily in black and white in the following widths;

  • 5/8”,3/4”, 1”, 1 ½”,2”, and 4” Black & White
  • Custom Colors Available

Our hook and loop includes pressure sensitive and adhesive backed styles. Our adhesive stock is primarily rubber based but special orders can be placed. Our options include;

  • Rubber- Quick Setting (Stock)
  • Acrylic – High Temperature
  • Pre-Coated – Activated by adhesives, solvents, heat, ultrasonics
  • FR – Flame Retardant – FAA 25 853
  • PET – Polyester for marine, UV resistance, Chemical Resistance

Our hook and loop fasteners are available in 25 and 50 yard reels, but customized services are available;

  • Cutting
  • Application design
  • Assembly, sewing & packaging
  • RF & ultrasound welding

The RI Knitting Group Companies, in addition to hook and loop fasteners, carries a line of nylon coil zippers.

  • High Quality Zipper Coil
  • Rugged Outdoor Use
  • Sliders of Black Enamel and Powder Coated
  • Nylon Coil Chain – #5,#8,#10 (#3,#7 Available)

We also carry finished zippers in specific lengths in both closed end and separating styles.

Molded Nylon Tooth or Metal
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