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All of our customers buy thread! We stock industrial sewing thread in a number of specifications and colors.

We stock industrial sewing thread for the construction of medical soft goods, hospital wear, athletic apparel, team uniforms, workwear, and products subject to industrial laundry.

  • Core Thread – Monofilament Core Thread w/ Spun Polyester Outer Cover
    • Common Sizes; Tex 40, Tex 60
  • Embroidery Thread – Filament Polyester Thread
    • Common Sizes; Tex 24

We stock heavy duty industrial sewing thread as well. Thread appropriate to sew canvas products and tents, tactical gear for police and military, luggage, ratcheted webbing straps and tie downs, fall suppression gear, climbing gear, patient lift systems, etc.

  • Bonded Nylon – Filament Nylon Bonded & Lubricated Thread
    • Common Sizes Tex 70, 90, 135
  • Bonded Polyester – Filament Polyester Bonded & Lubricated Thread
    • Common Sizes Tex 70, 90, 135
  • Nylon when strength is critical
  • Polyester for resistance to UV, Chemicals, and exposure to Weather.

We stock industrial sewing thread for specialty applications. For example, Nomex thread for flame retardant and heat protective applications. Industrial sewing thread made from Nomex is used in electrical flash safety workwear and first responder workwear for Firemen.

Industrial Kevlar thread is used for high levels of abrasion resistance, flame and heat protection. Our customers manufacture ballistic vests, protective gloves, and rugged workwear.

  • Nomex Meta-aramid Thread
  • Kevlar Para-aramid Thread