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Our mill in Woonsocket, Rhode Island produces elastic shock cord for numerous end uses. Elastic shock cord is used as a component part of sailing gear and boating equipment, paddle gear and kayaks, marine covers and tarpaulin systems.

  • Shock Cord Engineered for UV Resistance
  • Stretch Designed and Tested on all Elastic

Elastic shock cord is also made for industrial uses such as lobster traps, aquaculture equipment, automotive pocketing, equestrian saddlery, athletic field equipment, Tarpaulins, banners, and sporting goods.

  • Elastic Engineered to Last in Harsh Weather & Under Water
  • Tensile Strength of all Cords Designed for Specific End Uses

In addition to elastic shock cord which is a braided product, we manufacture other braided cords that are rigid. These cords are used in parachutes, tents, industrial filters, grain storage bags, fabric sample books, canvas baskets and bags, awning assembly, and various other applications.

  • All Cords Engineered and Tested
  • Consistent Quality on elastic and cords
  • Continuous Yardage Available

All of our elastic shock cord and braided rigid cords are available in bulk on spools, but we also offer numerous put-up and value added services. We cut lengths and sell by the piece, we hank and package items for retail, and we have the equipment to sew and attach hardware. We assemble and package bungee cords, locker key holders, shoe laces, tipped cords, and customer specified metal assemblies.

  • We process your elastic shock cord and braided rigid cords so you don’t have to.